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  Have a happy July 4th!     NEWS! A little pick-U-up,
KIOSKU opened in midtown

June 1st, 2013
      TAKO NY: A documentaryfilm about Otafuku NY

December 5th, 2012
      Robataya NY Indian Summer Festival

September 3th, 2012
      Enjoy Desserts @ Sobaya's lunch on Wednesdays-50% off

August 20th, 2012
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Satisfy your taste buds by enjoying authentic Japanese food..
  Hi-collar Open!    
  Hasaki   Hi-Collar   Sobaya  
  Kiosku   Shabu-Tatsu   Otafuku  
  Robataya NY   Curry-Ya   Sakagura  
  Rairai Ken   Sakebar Decibel   Cha-An  
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After opening his first Japanese restaurant, Hasaki in the East Village, Bon Yagi continued to erect various authentic Japanese eateries around the neighborhood, including Sobaya, Otafuku and Shabu Tatsu to name a few.  

These restaurants attract not only members of the Japanese community who are looking for a taste of home but also trend-setting New Yorkers..


  T.I.C. Washlet Service      

Are you interested in Washlet, a unique type of personal hygiene system?

As a TOTO Authorized dealer, T.I.C. Washlet is specialized in sales and installation of TOTO Washlets. Please feel free to contact us..





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tic design service  

Looking for a design to help your project or idea to next level?

T.I.C. Design will offer a variety of design services including identity, print & web.

Please contact 212 228 3030 ext.105 or send an e-mail to tic.graphic@gmail.com!